About Us


Fourteen years ago, Brandy and Jeff launched the Tomhave Group from their kitchen table in Baltimore, determined to help rural and tribal communities across the United States. Both once worked on Capitol Hill and K Street in Washington, D.C., where each discovered that most federal decision makers can not find an Indian Reservation on a map. Many ignore the rest of rural America. PILT and SRS mean nothing to them. Few understand the challenges of living without water, electricity, law enforcement, 911, ambulances, telephones or paved roads.

The Tomhave Group, Inc. is a government relations consulting firm that specializes in lobbying for the America D.C. forgot. Since our founding in 2003, we have secured approximately $110 million in project monies and $82.72 million in program funding for our clients. That includes $15 million dollars for road and water projects in counties the U.S. Census classifies as “frontier.”  That equals a 193% return on client’s investment in us.  Our 35 plus years of combined experience advocating for the policies, programs and resources that counties and tribes need to improve their services.

We do what K Street lobbyists don’t: invest time on the ground, in your community, to master your issues.  Working with you, we develop messages that penetrate D.C.’s fog of mediocrity.  Check out our Accomplishments page to see how well our legislative strategies work.